Rotating Disc Exploration<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1566

Rotating Disc Exploration
Amy Havens
Class 1566

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What are the disks for?
Heidi...the disks provide extra challenge for stability, balance and may help someone identify if they have a compensatory movement pattern. They provide incredible feedback!
Thank you Amy for the great class! As a professional ballet dancer i used your exercises in my trqining and i really had great results!
Thank you for seeing 'outside the box' with this simple little class Petros. Yes, the disc is incredible for dancers..... for so many reasons!
Thank you so much, Amy! I have an old ankle sprain that has been acting up. I just finished this class, and I feel more stable. I made sure to put this class on my favorite list!
Hi Liz.....great feedback and good for ankle stabilization work, yes!!
I loved this class, it was a new experience for me. Thx. I can't wait for more lessons with the discs.
Thank you MBrigitta......this was so basic.....Elizabeth Larkham does some wonderful things with the discs and we recently filmed a chair class with a few exercises using the discs too so make sure to check those out too! Discs are really fun and very challenging!
Hi Amy!
Great class! I recently just got rotating disks that attach to a balanced body jump board. Any suggestions of what and how to use them on a jump board?

Thank you so much!
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Hi Calle.....oh yes...I've got ideas for that! :) Stay tuned!!
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