Rotating Disc Exploration<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1566

Rotating Disc Exploration
Amy Havens
Class 1566

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Thank you Amy for this wonderful class. Hope to see more with the discs, maybe also on the jump board.
Excellent class. Thank you. The rotating discs that are available to me are flat. Yours look like they are about an 1" or 2" high. Any suggestions for using the flat discs?
Had not used my discs in years! Had to dust them off! I will definately use with my people. Loved the ab work, could really fee!l Feeling inner thighs too... I imagine from trying to keep those discs still. Thank you Amy for another innovative session!
Fun as always Amy, thank you!!
Jihye K
Thanks everyone! :)
Love this class!! It was so much deeper and harder than you realize watching it! Man I have some stuff to work on! Thank you Amy :)
Thank you Lizanne....yes I doesn't look like much was going on, because we were doing such a great job with our stability! :) Glad you were there with me!!
Rachael S
Cant wait to use these in the studio Amy! I'd love to see another!
Thank you Rachael.....yes, there will be more. I often start basic..then add the layers and progressions. I believe it's important to see things from the foundation, then build --- better for assimilating the concepts! :)
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