Restorative Full-Body Mat<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1576

Restorative Full-Body Mat
Madeline Black
Class 1576

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Wow, this an awesome mat class..Thank you Madeline !
Love it!
Really nice class! And a perfect transition back for me after a week of milder restorative pilates (injury).
Thank you!
Lovely! Nice length of class too.
Great class. Thank you.
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Wonderful class!!! Thank you so much! I truly love your style and ease of flow. Such a joyful experience!
Great for someone like me - strong, but new to pilates.
Really liked some of your verbal cues!
Loved your preps especially for single leg kick, hundred and teaser. I love your style.
Great class, thank you!! I'm a big fan of yours, Madeline!!!
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