Advanced Traditional Flow<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 1585

Advanced Traditional Flow
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1585

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great class! thank you benjamin. I like the focus -how to initiate the movements- much. also some of your variation. and... I didnĀ“t know the russian squats before... (shame on me ;) ) so I have learned something new from you! thank you!
Really enjoyed this - great cues. Also interested to see the hand grip on the handles with fists - I've always been taught to hold with long fingers.
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Mamma mia what a fantastic teacher you are !!!
I'm speechless and really wish you to be here in PA again.
Who was your master teacher ?
My respect
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thank to PA for bring to us so wonderful teachers...
I am a fan of the benjamin
Great session Benjamin! Loved your cueing! Very nice that you also mentioned shapes in space on other apparatus, like the pull up on the chair and the elephant. When is your next videon online? :)
Very cool! It was vey nice to meet and thank you.
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Perfect!!!!. More reformer flows please.
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Mr. D- I'm in love!!
Jennifer W
Great class Benjamin! I especially loved the elephant! Russian Squats? I didn't have the nerve to try it. Next time! Thank you!
Great teaching and transitions! Thanks for the challenge!
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