Mat Building Blocks<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 1589

Mat Building Blocks
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 1589

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Huge thumbs up on this class. So insightful. Looking forward to the rest of the men's mat playlist!!
Excellent class. I go so much deeper into the exercises with much better success in your classes Benjamin. Thank you!
Great, I love the breakdown of exercises and progressions, gives so much more understanding of what each movement is about. Thank you Benjamin
Thank you Benjamin Degenhardt i love your classes.
Thank u Ben! Beautiful class!
Great class Benjamin!! My first of your level 2 classes. I’m a beginner. I was doing pretty good until the flat foot stand (can’t remember exactly what you called it) Hands behind on the floor with flat feet to push up to standing position. I could not even do this one. I felt deflated. What advice can you offer on this one to be able to move toward succeeding at it?
Great Mat workout !
Cynthia G
Thank you so much. Great (that's for me  for doing this!)
Brilliant as usual :)
Patty Hafen
Wow!  Great class, clear and confident instructions.  I always appreciate your classes Benjamin.  Thank you very much!
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