Quick Standing Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 1620

Quick Standing Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 1620

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Love it. Going to use it in schools in the Pilates for Youth program. P4Y!
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Love it! I found I could adapt this to the pool after swimming a mile. Great way to add a little stretch, strength and relaxation. Thank- you
Courtney Miller
Hi Everyone!! Thank you so much for all your awesome feedback and inspiration!! I have some exciting news!! I will be back on Pilates Anytime Jan 2015 :):) I am thrilled and of course I want to teach what you want to see! So tell me, what style classes would you like me to teach during my next visit? I am so grateful and blessed. Thank you so much for your support and comments! xx
Thx Courtney this helps me warm up for surfing here in Mexico...love it
A great little session! Very versatile!
First workout I have done since joining yesterday, loved it..... and man am my heart is a pumping :)
That was a great workout in such a short time. Everything burns. Thanks!
Hugely surprised by how much I feel it in my arms...yes, even as I type!
Nice alternative for an effective warm up. Thanks!
Great warm-up routine!
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