Fletcher Standing Work<br>Kyria Sabin<br>Tutorial 1631

Fletcher Standing Work
Kyria Sabin
Tutorial 1631

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Very good cues and principles to remind for the posture and before a class. Really enjoy all your Fletcher Videos.
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thank you so much for sharing all that great information with PA! I love hearing all the stories about Ron too. Nice job David!
Yeong Cheol C
thank you so much . master Kiria sabin.
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Thank you Kyria - You have a wonderful calming aura and teaching manner
Kyria Sabin
Thank you, Jennifer!
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Thanks Kyria and David to share all this work with us. !
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Its such clear cues n wonderful movement too.. Thanks
Kyria Sabin
Thank you, Sintha - hope to see you soon!
Such an elegant duo. Thank you
What was I doing wrong. My feet were full of little nails
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