Wunda Chair Fundamentals<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1645

Wunda Chair Fundamentals
Meredith Rogers
Class 1645

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Love this class. Well explained, easy to follow, but deep work. Nice example of how to teach first sessions on the chair. Thanks!
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I learned so much more detailed cues from your class Meredith....Thank you!!!
Kim W
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As I begin my practice teaching for chair, I will refer to this format again and again. Thank you for providing this fundamental class!
Lucie Bécus
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This was a great workout - sometimes I find myself seeking more/harder challenges and it was really nice to take a step back and work a little deeper and connect with the fundamentals!
Thank you, sweet ladies!
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Thank you!! This class was super informative and so easy to follow!! Great cueing!!
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what a great beginner class!!! awesome, clear cueing!!!
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I love this class! I don't have much time in my life for exercise so the first half hour of my day is spent doing this class. Thank you . . . And will u be making another fundamental class soon? ??
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Loved it! I love your precision in cueing. Great!
Thank you!
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Hey Meredith! I taught this to my class last night! I love the way you broke down Full Pike and Swan Basic! They Got it!! As always your cues are very good! Clear and concise!! I really love the the way you speak to both the teacher and a client. Keep the videos coming! Miss you, Love from Vancouver! xoxo
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