Wunda Chair Fundamentals<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1645

Wunda Chair Fundamentals
Meredith Rogers
Class 1645

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Thanks so much for taking time to share your feedback, ladies. I appreciate you all so much.

Maureen - I don't know when I'll be filming fundamental class soon but there are quite a few in the queue if you look back...

Michele - Looking forward to seeing you very soon. xo
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At the beginning I thought the pace was too slow, but as I follow along, I really enjoy the details of elongating, working through the power house, connecting through the shoulders. All of your cues are on time, spot on, and, though it might sound wordy, I found it very effective! Thank you Meredith, definitely will incorporate this to my client's chair exercise.
Thank you, Cita. I find that slowing down can sometimes, allow us to work more deeply. I appreciate you taking time to share your feedback.
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Beautifully done....appreciate the pace to fine tune form and engagements, whether for the beginner or beyond....thank you!
Thanks Janine! I also appreciate slow moving... :)
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Superb cuing! Added to my rotation. I'm definitely beginner on the chair and this class was so helpful!
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Tanks for your simple and precision cueing , i love your classes ! Brava
I come back to this one constantly. It was a great way to start off 2017. Thanks Meredith!
Thank YOU Lori!
Happy New Year.
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