Creative Tower Challenge
Cecile Bankston
Class 1687

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Amazing work! Tyler made it look so easy,beautiful work.
Crazy fun! Many thx:)
So glad everyone liked it! yes it is very challenging, but we have found that the clients at our studio love it the more they do it and get used to the movements. even splitting it up and using parts ov it ( especially the standing leg work) is a favorite for them!
GREAT challenging workout for more advanced clientele!
Wow- that was so hard! And fun! Able to take away great movements for unilateral work, arms, extension, etc... Thank you.
Fantastic! My favorite! Thank you so much for this incredible workout!
Thank you Cecile very much for a very smart and thought through work. Very delighted to see that you, as instructor really know your kraft and approach your work from anatomy point of view, and not choreography! Thank you!
Awesome class, thank you!
That was such an inspiring class! Thank you Cecile and Tyler. I can't wait to try it with my male clients tomorrow.
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