Creative Tower Challenge
Cecile Bankston
Class 1687

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my gole now is to be able to do this class ever!
Well now we know what Batman does when he works out! Tyler, you're my hero-that was incredible. And Cecile, you're an amazing teacher. Thank you both!
so good. love the creative variations on traditional exercises.
Opened my mind. Very good. Great.
This was a very creative and use video thank you so much for posting it! I saw so many variations before. I really appreciate the variety and the clarity and Cecile‘s instruction!
love this class!!!  and your teaching
Wow what an incredibly creative class! Thank you Cecile for your beautiful teaching cues and Tyler - you are soo strong!! Well done to both of you. x
Holy cow that was hard! Also so many spring changes I’m exhausted! But very interesting and challenging moves!!! 
Itwas fun to use every spring in the studio. 
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