Glute and Thigh Burn<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1693

Glute and Thigh Burn
Amy Havens
Class 1693

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Always a great workout with Amy with some new bits again, love it!
Great cue's. Thanks Amy!
Love it as always Amy. I see your low back is opening up. :) Too bad there's not a nice view behind you though. Haha!
Thanks so much ladies! :) Yes lower back and shoulders both are opening up. This Pilates stuff really works, eh?! I was also nice and warm out there....that always helps!
Julibeth J
Delightful! Thanks for a wonderfully cued and connected class.
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So much fun Amy! What a great evening work out.
Thank you Julibeth and Francine! :) I appreciate you taking the time to comment!
Weel, if I cant be with you in SB, this is the next best thing! Loved the added weight. blessings
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too little energy to get to a studio, too many "to-do's" I'm avoiding.... your class was perfect! Thanks! My spirits are now salvaged. I didn't have ankle and wrist weights but I had 8 lbs of cat on my back for all the extensions....
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