Glute and Thigh Burn<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1693

Glute and Thigh Burn
Amy Havens
Class 1693

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:) Cats for that's a new one! Thanks Ruth!!
Great class! I love to do reformer exercises on the mat.
Me too, thanks Heather!
I love your classes Amy. You keep it flowing, precise and to the point. Felt great! I love the addition of the ankle and wrist weights.. Its a great warm up for reformer or when you want a less mechanical reformer workout
Hi Jeanne....thank you! I love adding the extra weight sometimes also...just enough to amp things up a bit. :)
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Great workout thanks Amy
Thank you Natalie !
having a lot of fun following you, Amy. I'm especially enjoying the older videos...a bit more "raw" gym experience, less "tv" feel. Thanks.
H Martha "Mars" Hart , thank you!! The early days were definitely more 'raw', you've got that right! We've grown so much and the polish is important, but so is spontaneous action. I appreciate your feedback!
Lorie H
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Restorative, strengthening and simple.
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