Challenging Mat Flow<br>Portia Page<br>Class 1699

Challenging Mat Flow
Portia Page
Class 1699

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Lynne F
Great class for whole body and mind. Love the stretches beginning, end and in-between.
First 2/3 class that I could make it through with some kind of grace! I can't bend the big toe joint & could do most of the exercises. Great classM
I love this class...smooth progression...very well done to extend your flexibility and movement to greater lengths.
Fantastic Class as always!!! One day I would love to join your class!! Thank you!! x
I loved the clarity of your instructions with never a repetition and wonderful cueing as to the "how"to move and always on time,precisely to get that movement just right. Lovely stretches to warm up and great tow. You rock!
Oops tow=class(??)
Wow sure lulls you in to a false sense of security. Fab class. Thank you :)
Excellent cueing and great modifications for an original workout based upon traditional Pilates.
Thanks Portia for a great class. Reminded me of some things I forgot from my BB training and love the stretching to get the body ready! You're the best!
Body and mind, stretches and strength-building, warm up to challenges - THANK YOU - exactly what I need!
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