Standing Reformer<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 1706

Standing Reformer
Cecile Bankston
Class 1706

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Great class for balancing.
I would like to mention Tyler's snake is beautiful!!!! Great class Ty!
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love the exercises but I wish instructors would not overuse the word Good. It becomes a little much.
Sorry if I say good too much. That actually comes from 20 years of teaching dance as well as Pilates. Of course in Dance, when you are teaching children, you have to be encouraging! Also I would rather someone leave my class feeling successful rather than frustrated. But I will definitely take that into consideration.
Laura I will make sure that Ty will get your comment. He worked hard on that!
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love this workout! so creative and challenging!
Cecile you never disappoint. I feel like I just had a real fun time! Thanks so much for sharing your talent w/us.
Wow!!! perfect for a sunday morning. Thank you very much.
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A little addition: I personally liked the "goods" I needed them to get me going in this one:))
Ilaria S
I aimed this workout really challenging Thanks
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