Standing Reformer
Cecile Bankston
Class 1706

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Cecile, you are amazing-:)
love this standing workout!
Really, really great class Cecile! Fun and interesting combinations. Thanks for sharing your talent! I always enjoy your classes.
LOVE this class!!! very challenging and great workout! Thank you very much!
Love love love this class!
Loved this class. Can't believe I missed this one. So happy I came across it today. And I also loved all the "goods". As a teacher, it was nice to receive some love rather than always being the one giving the "goods" away.
absolutely loved the standing reformer workout. very challenging for intermediate to advanced practitioners and a great challenge for teachers. i think we often forget about these options. so much fun. thank you kindly for sharing.
Love this class. Awesome ideas in standing, fun and challenging thankyou! I like the "goods" too :)
SO fun, creative and challenging class! Loved the different ideas of the standing workout! I do not know I have missed this class before but for sure it will be one of my favorites! And keep saying "GOOD" !!!
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