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Mariska Breland
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Mariska, you rock! It was so interesting. Thank you!
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Thank you for the great tests I can use with my aging clients. And most importantly how to address those imbances! :)
I'm glad you liked it Julie! My Balance Workshop is coming out this weekend! I purposely didn't include the work from this tutorial in depth so you wouldn't have to see the same thing twice. It's about 3 hours of balance information, including exercises. :)
I recently got a new client with MS. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm in Orange County CA, will you be teaching any workshops in my area, or can you recommend a place or resources? Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Hi Maryann - we are hoping to come to Santa Barbara to teach the course in July or August. In terms of resources - check out // and there is also a Facebook page and group (under the same name) where info and resources are regularly posted. And, you can sign up for a newsletter on the website as well.
Also, the two workshops I have here (Neuroscience and Exercise and Wobbly: A Balance Workshop) both have a lot of tools for working with neurological clients. Good luck!
Thank you so much for your response! I will take a look at your workshops as soon as I can. Will they also apply to people who have had a stroke?
Thank you so much.
Yes, we discuss stroke quite a lot!
Thank you Mariska! I'm pumped to attend your Houston workshop later this month!
Thank you Mariska! Balance is an area I've wanted to learn more about. I'm anxious to watch your other videos.
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