Abdominal Mat Challenge<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 175

Abdominal Mat Challenge
Meredith Rogers
Class 175

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Outstanding workout! Moves smoothly, safely, and effectively!
Great workout! Thank you so much!!
Thanks for the kind words girls.
Great class, thanks.
loved this class.
thx, cheryl
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great as usual.. I was hoping for a brisk class as mentioned in the description... but there were many modifications and stretches dispersed into the class which would make it more level 2 and moderate paced. I don't think brisk described the class. It was great otherwise.
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Nice workout! Like the fast pace.
Thank you and happy holidays to you all!!
Good class Meredith, I like the smooth flow, it is more of a level 2 and moderate pace though. I would like more of a challenge next time.
Thanks Ava...I'll keep that in mind.
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