Abdominal Mat Challenge<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 175

Abdominal Mat Challenge
Meredith Rogers
Class 175

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Loved this Meredith! Even with the accelerated pace, you gave us the opportunity to set up, do a couple reps slow to establish the sequence of movements, giving us a chance to challenge ourselves. Great cues, focus and all n' all great sesh! :)
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This is one of my favorite classes! Good cueing and good variety, I appreciate the fast pace!
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Fine class but definitely not accelerated or level 3.
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Super challenging class. Overall will def take you to the next level.
Glad to hear Ashley.
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Amazing as usual😊
Thank you, all the best
Such an old one Marta!
Thanks for taking the time to look back through the archives!
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Thank you 😊 🥰 I love your classes
Kylie P thank you for searching the oldies!
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Definitely a good challenge, felt Level 3 enough to me. Less than half way and we're already at the Jackknife! And always good to have a chance to polish up that Neck Pull.
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