Reformer Workout<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1790

Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 1790

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Thank You for a truly awesome class Amy !!
I felt very centered throughout because I knew how deeply my core was going to be soon as I see Level 3 I breathe in and repeat to self 1 hour its only 1 hour, I can do this ;) So the smooth transitions really helped.. and thankfully I could take a few needed breathers because I wasn't Andy !!!
Holy teaser!! That was awesome Amy! Your cues were great I did this on my phone so really just listened, only had to look a few times. by the way you look awesome!!
Lauren Ashley
I loved your mermaid with the strap! That was such a feel good motion for my thoracic spine and well needed after a long day. Thanks, Amy!
Great class! Loved the mermaid :)
This is a favorite!!!
Really enjoyed this workout!!!
I like "Eclectic". It keeps the mind alive! Thank you!
Susan H
after 2 weeks vacation this is just what I needed. Thanks Amy
Thank you ALL so much for your feedback!!! Glad you're enjoying this class. It was so much fun to workout with my friend Andy! :)
Sharon O
A wonderful session! Thank you Amy
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