Cadillac Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 1794

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Make me want to get on the Cadillac right now, esp with that bottom sprung work:)!
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Thank you so much! I always look forward to your classes!!
Thank you both! Elayne, I felt exactly as you describe the day I decided to do this workout!
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What a great class! My body feels amazing now. My spine/pelvis literally adjusted itself (loudly) twice during the sprung-from-below footwork into tower. Big thanks for that!
Wonderful Stephanie! You're welcome!
Love the instructor 'guided' workout, the honest feed back as you are doing the work Kristi, I find extremely helpful.
I enjoyed your flow of words and the clarity of instruction so very much! Inspired to practice!!
Thank you!!
Bottom loaded footwork is my nemesis. Truly humbling. Thank you for making the thing I hate to do the most completely enjoyable and worthwhile. I loved this workout. Thank you!!!
Annie and Jennie... thank you.
Amazing the combination of the reach and saw together, I definetely agree with the other comment that says that this session makes you want to try it right away.
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