Cadillac Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 1794

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This was just perfect in terms of workout and chatting;) chance of more of these solid cadillac workouts from you focusing on shoulders and upperback Kristi?? Thank you.
Thank you Z A. I'll be filming again soon so I'll think about including another Cadillac. I always appreciate some guidance on that decision! Thanks!
Great to hear this. Does it show that i have a brand new cadillac;)))
Good for you!!
Kristi it would be so good to see another fun and challenging mat workout from you like # 1917 and # 873.
Hi Kristi:
I enjoyed your class very much. Thank you. I have a quick question for you, however. What is the name of the fancy move that you did with the top loaded PTB after Seated Push Through but before Scatter Seeds? It involved sliding your bottom towards the tower and then bridging up, possibly adding an arch with the crown of the head on the mat. It was at the 34 minute mark. Thanks!
Hi Mary Jane, I don't know what "Scatter the Seeds" is, but I think you may be referring to what I learned from Rael as the bridge, or high bridge (depending on how high I roll through the body). It is commonly done once someone is ready for it, but I'm not certain it has a common name. I'm glad you liked the class.
Kristi: I am a bit embarrassed...the "scatter the seeds" term is what my TT instructor, Larry Hall, called for 'Side Reach' in the Push Through Series. It's a funny little name that stuck. Thank you for clarifying "the (high) bridge."
No reason to be embarrassed Mary Jeanine! Now I get it!
Say hi to Larry! I hope he's feeling better after his bike accident.
Everything about you is awesome! Your flow, your cueing, your intention behind the exercises and the soft command in hour tone of your voice. I always love watching your videos! Thank you.
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