Hip and Knee Replacements<br>Dawn-Marie Ickes<br>Tutorial 1807

Hip and Knee Replacements
Dawn-Marie Ickes
Tutorial 1807

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Enjoyed this video! It's great to learn and see specific rehab reformer videos! Was wondering if the hip and knee precautions shouldn't be just a little more spelled out for clarity. (Don't think redundancy is a bad thing here) When doing the side leg series, it seems the hip gets very close to a 90 degree bent position. While I see the bottom hip needs and receives grounding, it doesn't seem clear that dislocation of a hip is being prevented here. Please advise.
Dislocation precautions are fairly standardized for most surgeons. Hip flexion beyond 90 degrees with adduction and internal rotation. Most conservative standards avoid isolated hip flexion beyond 90 and adduction past midline.
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Yes, those are the precautions. I will look for more of the "rehab" videos. thank you! :)
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Great tutorial, thank you so much! I would love to see more of those tutorial: Reformer work, rotator cuff surgery etc. Yeah Pilates Anytime!
Yes rotator cuff! Great video, thank you!
Kelly S
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Great tutorial! Thank you!
Patty Hafen
Very informative - thank you!
Ann S
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Thanks for providing some great info for TKR. This is my second and am having problems finding the right balance with exercise and rest. I keep reinjuring and have to start all over again. Would love to see more videos on knee recovering. Also now that I have both knees done any ideas on how to get on and off the floor?? Thanks again
Great modifications! I'll be working with my first hip replacement client starting next week and I found this really helpful in my lesson planning. My client is about 8 weeks post op and was a client of mine before her surgery. Looking forward to putting these suggestions into practice.
Wonderful Dawn , thank you!
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