Hip and Knee Replacements<br>Dawn-Marie Ickes<br>Tutorial 1807

Hip and Knee Replacements
Dawn-Marie Ickes
Tutorial 1807

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Three weeks out of a THA and this was my re-entry video for Pilates Anytime! Thank you!!!! I’m smiling again.
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Just started working with a TKR client at 3 weeks and these are  SO helpful thank you x
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I am a Pilates Teacher. Just had my right hip replacement. Excellent Tutorial. I am ready for the work. I was nervous about what I can do. But it was so informative information. Thank you! Linda Willinger Pilates Teacher
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I saw a client who had a hip replacement 5 months ago and cannot lie on the side of the surgery. I had her stand on one leg to abduct and adduct the leg. It seemed too tiring for her. Do you have advice for pain on the side lying hip? And modifications ? Thank you.
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This was amazing!  I have torn articular cartilage in my left knee the past four months, and I've been struggling to find movement that I can do without pain.  This is a life saver!  A great way to slowly build back my strength without irritation.
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