Mat Workout
Brett Howard
Class 1811

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Great class! Interesting and good circle moves. Love the neck ones as I need to work on the strength in that area.
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Awesome class. Great cueing and love your sense of fun and humor.
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I have no other words other than wonderful!!!!!!!!! What else can be added???????? More more more of Brett!!!!!!!
I loved the way Brett used the magic circle, it especially helped me in the side kick series. He made me love/hate the word pulse :)
Thank you Brett for another fantastic class. You always make the time go by!!!! Hope to see you again soon :)
That was brutal!!! Thank YOU!!!! Need more mat with Brett Howard:)
Brett is such a lovely person and a great teacher!
Thank you for your very enjoyable class!
I liked it!
He is awesome!! Makes my day! Love this class! So glad I found it! Thank you!!!!????????
What a lovely session- good fun and a great workout. Thanks Brett- you make your classes really entertaining, and I always learn a lot.
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