Standing Upper Body Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1813

Standing Upper Body Flow
Amy Havens
Class 1813

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This is great for my senior client who has some major kyphosis and can't lie on her back. But since she can't get her whole spine against the wall, would you prop with pillows or towels behind head (maybe lumbar too?) thanks Amy!
Hi Stacy......I might prop, but I'd also stay focused on what parts of her body are touching the roller and work on getting to those other parts elsewhere in the studio. Keep it simple here. Maybe prop behind head, but again, keep it simple---empowering her when she is 'getting' it!
clearly explained
Thank you Pilates Tot!
Great class May. I have pain in my right arm and should so this is perfect for me. Thanks so much.
Thank you Elena!!
Katarina S
Really nice class - in particular, I love the shoulders gliding exercises. Thank you Amy.
Katarina...thank you....glad you enjoyed this class!
Holly Berry
I LOVE this routine! My shoulders and chest feel sooo much better.
Yay Holly, keep it up!!
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