Standing Upper Body Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1813

Standing Upper Body Flow
Amy Havens
Class 1813

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Boy oh boy did I need that sidefacing shoulder stretch! Thank you PA ... and Amy!
Thanx, feels super after a long day of shoulders in the ears :)
Nice set, Amy, thanks!
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Amy great workout. I do this wall work with my osteo safe class. Thank you.
Thx Amy; I have a couple 93 and 86 this will be perfect for!
Hi Amy, thanks for this class,i love it!!
I think it's worth noting that the pec attaches at three separate places on to the shoulder and you should stretch all three (high, medium, and low). So the arm is angled above the shoulder, in line with the shoulder and then below. If you have the time to do so, of course.
What a great shoulder stretch. TY
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Thank you so much everyone! Sounds like we all agree, we need to open up the chest, stretch our front line and gain mobility in the shoulders! Yes....this class is very safe for osteo and senior students although keep in mind if they have kyphosis that inhibits their shoulder ROM, it could be tricky to 'feel good'. We want it to feel good so limit range or slow them down. And yes Nicholas, thank you for noting the pec attachment comment. Personally, my left shoulder has some trouble when angled higher than shoulder level so I made the choice to go lower, but certainly, if someone does not have trouble......go for it!! I'm working to feel more ease myself!
Great class. Super informative.
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