Advanced Mat Workout<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Class 1817

Advanced Mat Workout
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 1817

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No excuses for not doing Pilates everyday Carrie! Thank you.
That's right, Joni! Hope you had fun doing the quick workout!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Return to Life in 20 quick (but never rushed) minutes: check! Can't wait to do it again and again to give me a little push for my morning practice when I need it. Thank you Carrie!!!
Thank you for watching, Benjamin! I thought this one might be to your taste :)
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Perfect! Thank you so much, Carrie! Incredible!
That. was. perfect.
Thank you.
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No cup of coffee for me. I need a gallon of water. Super wake-up call!
Thank you for taking the class, everyone, and so glad you are enjoying the intense workout! Return to Life :)
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Loved the pace and transitions. Great class.
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Really nice! Although you said this would be a great way to wake up, I had such an early morning that I did this when I got home and I feel great. Just what I needed!
More level three mat classes, please!!!
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