Mat Workout
Sharon G.
Class 1822

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Dear Sharon, thank you for this excellent class! I must say I always had difficulties with feeling the lengthening of the spine while exercising on the mat, and I think this is the first class I actually felt my spine being long. Great great variations of traditional Pilates exercises on the foam roller! I agree with Joni - one hour just blew by! :)
From Karina ("I also went to google !;) beautiful work, always more !!! A hug from Uruguay").

Thank you Karina.....right back at you from California.
Janja, What a wonderful compliment! I love breakthroughs and I'm so happy this class facilitated one for you. Awesome! Yes!
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Thank you Sharon. The class flew by! I hope to see you back soon
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Great class was not able yo try but i will in about two hours. Looking forward to it.
Great cues, thanks sharon
Thank you so much Lauren and Molly. I really appreciate your positive feedback.
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New class but I 've already done it 3 times. Tremendously challenging-I am humbled! The unique openers before working are top rate. I've already used a few with my students. Thanks, Sharon!
Hi N,
Thank you for your comment. I love that you've done it 3 times....Awesome! I also love that you've found some of the skill building exercises useful with your clients. That makes me happy.
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Nice and challenging. I love classes with the foam roller!
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This would be one of my favourite classes i have taken on PA.
The cues were so precise and easily translated in to my body. The class was creative, challenging and yet I had enough time to think about the movement and modify if necessary.
Big thank you and please come back !
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