Stretch and Expand Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1827

Stretch and Expand Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 1827

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Lauren Ashley
Thank you, Meredith for a wonderful class! I love the use of the theraband and I love your use of cueing! It makes the movement much easier to visualize and perform.
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beautiful class,thank you very much
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thank you marvelous
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once again, flawless delivery and felt like a massage on my spine. loved the wine and corkscrew comparison... thanks meridith!
Very good. Hope to use it in my intermediate class tomorrow. The class has some very active seniors.
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Many thanks from Montreal
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Thank you - excellent - looking for more band work.
Really works !
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What a FABULOUS class ! I feel I'm 5 feet taller a million times looser and ready for a great game of golf or tennis.
Hi Jeannine,
I like "theraband" either the heavy (black) or extra heavy (gray). I think that you could easily find them on Amazon. Thanks for taking class.
WOW! Thank you all for taking time to leave your encouraging feedback for me. I appreciate you all so much! As I was reading through I realized, in reference to location, how far apart that we all are and yet we are obviously still together sharing our love of movement. My day feels brighter for it! Love you to all.
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