Strengthening Hips and Knees<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1829

Strengthening Hips and Knees
Madeline Black
Class 1829

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Helen H
I feel stretched out but had hoped for an aerobic workout with the jump board. That was;t this workout. Good clear cueing and I always enjoy her classes.
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I love this tons of helpful information for grumpy knees - one question what is someones leg won't fit in the strap when you bring it up to the thigh for the standing work? is there a way to modify for a bigger legged person? thanksĀ 
Madeline Black
Thanks Elizabeth D! Balanced Body makes a double loop they call Y loop. The larger of the loops is quite long. And they have Velcro straps. I have used these for different size thighs. Hope this helps.
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