Strengthening Hips and Knees
Madeline Black
Class 1829

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I need to integrate balance challenges into more of my clients workouts. This is a fun and cool way to do it! Thanks so much, Madeline!
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The very beginning was particularly helpful for my foot. I have been struggling with left foot pain and was suspicious about my adductors not firing properly thus causing the pain. Being able to more consciously fire adductors during single leg stance actually decreased my foot pain. Great ideas!
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Thank you for such clear detail and a unique practice. Several of my clients have knee and meniscus issues and I think these exercises would be very helpful!
Deliberate pace.
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This is wonderful. I just started w/a new client who is a marathon runner. But I really liked doing this. I only had time for half the class but I will for sure catch up w/the rest. Thank you!
Kerry ~ Thank you for catching that. It was marked "Moderate" accidentally, but I have fixed it so it is now "Deliberate." I hope you enjoyed this class!
This was terrific, Madeline. I appreciate your teaching style. Teaching balancing techniques is critical, especially for the aging population. We like to stand strong!
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Thank you awesome class. Great cueing really enjoyed class.
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Finally had a moment to myself, a rare thing, and this was so wonderful. Im so thankful that I have acsess to the "rock stars" of this awesome industry. And at a, more than, reasonable price. Thank you so much Madeline.
Great Madeline ! Very helpful ! many of my clients have hip/knee issues and you gave new ideas with clear cueing. Thank you!
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