Spine Strengthening Reformer<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1830

Spine Strengthening Reformer
Madeline Black
Class 1830

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I really enjoyed the beginning got this but switched off after the beginning of the box work. All the instruction is towards the individuals demonstrating and not the viewer. It is impossible to know if you are doing things correctly. I love your videos so I was a bit disappointed.
I loved this class. Can't wait for more classes by Madeline!
Interesting and more of a workout for upper body than i expected.
more Madeline classes! :) please
I wished that I had read these comments before trying this video since many mentioned that the cueing was really poor for this format. Working 1:1 with the people in the video doesn’t really help the audience at home. This class should be removed from Pilates anytime
Doan N ~ I'm sorry this video didn't work for you. It is meant for teachers to learn how to work with clients who need to strengthen their spines. If you are looking for classes that are for the at-home audience, you can filter by looking for practices. I hope this helps and that you're able to find the right classes for you.
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