Spine Strengthening Reformer<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 1830

Spine Strengthening Reformer
Madeline Black
Class 1830

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I wish she used more verbal cues when she said " engage here" while she used her hands on her clients. I was working out with her and unless I also watched the video at the same time, I did not know where "here" was. Otherwise an excellent shoulder stability routine. Thank you!
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Beautiful class! So Madeline: precise, creative and so well thought-through! I think, watching the whole class first and then doing it is the best way to take advantage. The cues are maybe a little unusual, and we have to try and understand what she is aiming at, BUT THEN !- you find the fantastic world of Madeline Black! Thank you, I loved it!
Paola Maruca
As usual, when Madeline Black teaches you already know it is not going to be easy (well, we all know Pilates is not easy anyways).....Fantastic work, Thank you
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I do all your Pilates Anytime classes right away. I have done this one twice already. Loved this class! Thank you so much for sharing your creative work with us!!
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I have been teaching for 13 years and have never had the privilege of taking your class. I have taken the class twice, have learned so much. The class was extremely challenging and my body feels great thanks. Needless to say will be enjoying more of your classes. THANK YOU!
Madeline Black
I always share the classes that feel balanced and strengthening on my body as well as basing it on biomechanics/fascia work, so I am happy that it feels great to you all, thank you. Periwinkle: next time I will try to be more conscious of cueing for the audience rather than the bodies in front of me, hard to remember teaching in the moment! Thank you for the feedback.
Amazing methods for core engagement and disassociation!!! Pleasure!
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Madeline, great class love the core work and noticing of our imbalances. Would love to have the privilege of taking a class from you. The specifics of scapula mobility and stability really helped me with clients that squeeze the spine into adduction. Thank you for a very skilled class!
I loved everything about this class! Your cues are amazing and the exercises you invent are unique and super helpful. I am trying my best to come see you in Maui! Aloha from Kauai!
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