Powerhouse Precision<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1837

Powerhouse Precision
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1837

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I absolutely loved the sequence thank you
Wonderful fast/accelerated pace! Your ease of explanation brought new meaning to the exercises.
Kinney F
Great pace. Effective, to the point verbal cues and hands on. Really, really nice.
Thank you all for your feedback, much appreciated!
Great coaching!
This is a great quick workout, thanks!
Fantastic wake up and easy to do on travel!
I love this workout!! unfortunately, FOUR times during the workout the video stalled and a window popped up to advise this video was not available. This has happened with the Dana Santee workout as well. I am able to stream from other sites so I don't know why this keeps happening here. VERY frustrating. I would love to know if anyone else has this issue or if anyone has a suggestion.
Linda ~ I am sorry you are having trouble viewing the video. It may be your video player, so if you have already restarted your computer to clear away the processes that aren't running, I would suggest changing your video player settings by:

- clicking on "My Account"
- selecting the "Video Player" tab at the top of the page
- selecting the option "Show Options For Low Med and HD"

If your internet connection is slow on a particular day, it may require the video player options for "Low" or "Med," which should stream the video without any stops. If you continue to have issues playing this video, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com.
Sorry Linda, hope that got worked out alright. Thank you all for participating!
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