Powerhouse Precision<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1837

Powerhouse Precision
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1837

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Fun! Thanks!
That was a perfect break from studying, thank you! Now back to the books!
I enjoyed the work and the sequence but the video paused several times which was annoying and ruined the pace. What a pity. Hope it gets fixed
Thank you all for attending! Janine, I hope you were able to reload the video?
Great 20 minute workout. Thank you
Loved this quick workout! I've added it to my quick workouts list. I loved that you did something different for the side leg series and added in the grand rond de jambe. I would love to see more variety in the side leg series from the different classes.
Love it Adrianne. Clean and clear xxx well done x
I would focus on just teaching the moves/ flow vs correcting your assistant. I don't enjoy pausing my flow so you can have your student redo his reps.
John B
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Loved this ! Worked up a quick sweat before running errands. Perfect way to start off the day. Thanks.
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