Strength & Balance Challenge<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 1844

Strength & Balance Challenge
Adrianne Crawford
Class 1844

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Longest eight minutes of my life! Really highlights imbalances. Thanks Adrianne
Really glad to have a Ped-0-Pul workout. Thanks!
Reiner G
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Thank you Adrianne. Always learning more about the Ped-O-Pul. Loved your style of teaching.
The Ped-O-Pul never lies! It is one of my favorites and helped me with my own imbalances (Scoliosis!) Thank you all for your comments, glad you enjoyed!
Great work out. Only thing missing was you to give me correction cues. love the ped-o-pole.!
Question. Why the name ped-o-pole.? Pole i understand is ped for the feet? Thanks
The biggest thing about the Ped-O-Pol, is it is not about powering through it or strength in your arms, but balance and coordination. Understand your spine and positioning on the poll. Use the poll to position your spine upright, long and against the pole, its best to prop the poll against a wall for extra support. These are not simple exercises, they take time to master. They are one on one exercises and very quickly identify weaknesses in our bodies. Hope this helps. I don't know the origin of the words Ped-O-Pol, but do know that Pedi means feet, so my guess is centering your feet with the pole working your way to the top of your spine (pole representing spine)
I forgot how much i love the Ped-O-Pull! Thank you for reminding me of it many benefits!
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Agh, the balance on 1 leg ;)))
Oh gack! (My) Left / right imbalances are really obvious...with the single leg work. Short, simple movements without necessarily being easy, makes this a great evaluation and strengthening tool.
Brilliant Adrianne and Alejandro x
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