Osteoporosis-Safe Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1856

Osteoporosis-Safe Flow
Amy Havens
Class 1856

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Very nice ! I like to use the wall to help people understand the "breathe into your back ribs" cue and pay more attention to their pelvic stability. Loved the glute work too ! Thanks Amy :)
I do too Anne....I use the wall a lot. The wall is such a great place to go for some many reasons. Glad you enjoyed the glute work too! ;)
Joyce Dev
Loved it Amy! Hope you don't mind but I will use in class with my clients tomorrow. Thank you for your wonderful videos!
Hi Joyce, of course I don't mind....would hope that you'd want to use these ideas. How did your clients like the material?! Would love to hear!!
This little session has a few of my clients names all over it ! can't wait to do with them. Thank you Amy! You look great!
Connie!! Thought you'd like this class too.....yep, pretty good for some folks who need support at the wall. I love using the wall, no matter what age/condition a client is.....it gives such feedback!
Hello Amy
Thank you for such an excellent balance & stabilization class! I have an 89 yr old client who wants to work on balance and I believe there are a lot of things you did that could be worked into her program. Question regarding using the stick and "pushing' the foot against the wall. Would like to see if she wants to try this exercise but know she would need something more stable than the stick. Do you think if she placed her hands on a table - that would be just as effective ( as using a stick)?
Lovely class Amy, really good stability work. Ideal for my seniors.
Just a comment - the latest research contraindicates forward flexion with lateral flexion and rotation for those clients with osteoporosis as it can cause stress fractures in the vertebrae. Hinge-ing at the hip is good to teach to these clients though, so the wall hinge is great.
Thank you everyone and happy to hear you're all seeing value in this little class. Littleredhen....thank you for commenting on the contraindications for osteoporosis. I am very aware of them as I am a Pilates for Buff Bones faculty member and should have been more clear in that the second portion of the class was appropriate for osteo ,... but of course the standing at the wall with the forward flexion, side bending and rotation was not. Thanks for catching that. I was so excited to get to the second part that my mind was referring to that.
Hi Amy, Greeting from South Africa! I love watching your classes. Yes I too was concerned of the fwd flexion and lateral flexion for osteoporosis. However the balance section is great. Many thanks for your in depth instruction. Best Lani.
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