Osteoporosis-Safe Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 1856

Osteoporosis-Safe Flow
Amy Havens
Class 1856

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Hi Lani!! Thank you so much....yes, I realized after filming about the forward flexion bit, but glad you watched all the way through to see the balance section and can use some of the ideas.
Hi Amy, I have ben in the process of reversing osteoporosis through nutrition and exercise. I have increased bone density in spine by 10% and hips 4%. I'm out of osteoporosis range in spine but not hips yet. I will be with classes like this. I agree that some need to be careful with flexion. I haven't had trouble. Would love a hips-focused class where perhaps you add to the hip exercises. Thank you for all you do. Kim
Hi Kim! Keep up all your dedicated work.....and thank you for the feedback. I can add to the hip exercises, sure. Thank you for the suggestion! Proud of your focus to reverse your osteo through nutrition and exercise...this is great news for others too!
Hello! Thanks for the class. I noticed that while the comments from a year ago address the contraindications, and that the second portion is Osteo appropriate, that the original description has not been updated to reflect which portion is targeted for this population. Not everyone will review the comments. Please update the description so that people do not unknowingly move in ways they shouldn't.
Hi Melissa....thank you for taking notice of this. I'm having the description re-written to clarify any confusion about the appropriateness of the class for osteo conditions.
Wendy L
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Thanks Amy - I'll be suing this tomorrow with my Seniors class 😁
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Wendy -- how did they do?!! Would love to hear!
Wendy L
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Amy Havens - they LOVED IT!!!! :)
Wonderful, thank you for responding!! ;)
Karen H
What is  the name of the other wall video that you mention at the end of this one?
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