Progressing to Intermediate<br>MeJo Wiggin<br>Class 1859

Progressing to Intermediate
MeJo Wiggin
Class 1859

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Paola Maruca
Simply amazing......more more more!!!!!!
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This was some workout! I am completely sweaty. I liked the modifications for elephant, stomach massage, and the pelvic tilt. Definitely felt those exercises in a new way.

Wish the class was a bit longer. My arms didn't get much of a workout.
Wow what a ride. Thanks for all the details, modifications. So helpful.
Really great workout thank you!!
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I love this! It the way she broke down the movements was really helpful. Her explanations, cues, and modifications helped me to look at exercises in a new way! More please! :)
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Thank you MeJo and Amy!! Super clear, concise and simple.
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As the lucky student in this class (thanks MeJo), I was really warm, sweaty, and challenged! It was a beginning level class but for anyone wanting to review details, connections and intentions, you'll be happy you've taken this class. for there not being much armwork, well.....that happens later in intermediate work. Watch for MeJo's other classes of higher skill level and you'll get that armwork you're looking for. She can give it, believe me! :)
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I envy you Amy! Good to you!
I have been lucky enough to attend some of MeJo's workshops and have a couple of 1-1 sessions with her and she is an absolutely amazing teacher. Amy certainly looked like she was having to work very hard in this video!
Would love to take a workshop with MeJo!! Amazing teacher! Her cues were precise and informative:) Thank you!
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