Progressing to Intermediate<br>MeJo Wiggin<br>Class 1859

Progressing to Intermediate
MeJo Wiggin
Class 1859

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Thank You all for your gracious comments! Hope to be back with more real soon. MeJo
Love love love!!!
Brillant workout Mejo! Thank you! Very inspiring to hear you teach, feel lucky to be a part of this class.
Excellent class! Amazing teaching! Thank you!
Amazing workout, thank you!!!
I totally agree with Amy (one year ago). It was amazing to get that review of the correct work, the connection to the powerhouse. It definitely worked!!! Thank you MeJo,
Awesome class!
Hi MeJo, Thank you so much for this excellent class. Would you clarify an exercise for me? When Amy was sitting on the short box first she bent side to side (curved spine) then she kept her spine straight and did more of a lean side to side. In both cases should the opposite hip remain down or dose it come up a little? Thank you for your excellent teaching and a great class.
Hi Christine, Thanks for your comments. When I teach the short box series the movement is not so black and white. I look and see what the body is doing as a whole and where it's moving from. Most students will keep the hip down in order to maintain the lift and to keep their powerhouse in place. However, if I have a strong student and they can lift the hip without compromising their spine of powerhouse, then usually I say go for it!
Everyone is different. I wouldn't sacrifice their form in order to let them take a greater range of motion. I hope that helps you.
Thank you for writing back to me MeJo. Your explanation helped a great deal.
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