Dynamic and Playful Mat<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 1864

Dynamic and Playful Mat
Mari Winsor
Class 1864

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Mary Windsor is a token, one of a kind. The energy she brings is so important. She also, gives the feeling she cares for each one of us. I've been working out to her videos and it's always an uplifting practice. Thank you.
Mari introduced me to pilates. she brought me to the dance. I am forever grateful. She is a queen.
I really enjoyed your class, it’s full of enthusiasm and fantastic energy! Accurate and fun instructions ... wow I felt change in my body in each and every exercise. A good reminder to work dynamically and with intention. Thank you Mari, I look forward to more of your classes.
Loved this class amazing 😊😊
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Amazing how I felt different like a couple of days after doing this!! thank you beautiful woman!!
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This was an amazing class taught by a beautiful person! So many great tips to doing it right. I love you, Mari:)😘
This class is a gift! πŸ™Β 
Nice to see Mari Winsor 15 years after her dvd's classes...I love her energy. Good experience with this class.
Melissa C
Working out with Mari never gets old.Β  Love this woman so much.
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