Dynamic and Playful Mat<br>Mari Winsor<br>Class 1864

Dynamic and Playful Mat
Mari Winsor
Class 1864

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Nice class Mari, your relaxed style of teaching combined with challenging movement and precise cues is enchanting...thank you x
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Fab Class !! Thank You, and y'all know I will be taking this again and again :)
Thank you, Mari! You were the reason I fell in love with pilates! My sister and I would do your DVDs together. She's an instructor now and I get to take her classes.

It was so nice to see you here at PilatesAnytime.
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So great! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talent and reminding us to have fun!

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My very first Pilates lesson was watching a Mari Winsor DVD. I now own my own studio. Thank you for the inspiration years ago! It was fun seeing you on Pilates Anytime. A lovely class.
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Great class!
Always enjoy the Mari style mat class:)!
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Please give us more classes Mari!
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Wow! It was great to watch you on Pilates Anytime I also learned from you and watched you many years ago as well. Love your humor and
Of course your reminding us that exercise should be fun and yet to put your best into it as well. Thank you Mari and please come back and give us more maybe nice reformer or tower workout.
Thank you

MaryJo Iacono
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I'm so happy Mari is here on PA. I have her dvds as well and even went to her studio years ago for a mat class. Look forward to more classes!! Thank you Mari:)
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