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I said to my friends... I thought I "knew" Mari Winsor, then I met her! The day you visited us in the studio was a notable one for me. Your history, commitment, humor, joy of Pilates and life itself reminded me ... that is all that matters. Thank you Mari. I am very proud and honored to have had this discussion with you.
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I have Mari Winsor DVDs and I am so sad to see her going through such a challanging time in her life. I am certain that she will shine and pull through. I love her spunky personality and zest for life. I look forward to many more videos and learning from Mari. Thank you PA for bringing the wonderful lady to us.
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My first experience w/Pilates was w/Mari Winsor VCR tape. It was an old one! But I was recovering from a very painful abdominal hysterectomy. I felt subhuman, then I started this tape. Never having done Pilates before I found the movements intriguing. I couldn't do everything on the tape but Mari promised that if I didn't quit that soon I could do all of it. She was so right. Also I felt "normal" after doing Mari's tape. It really helped me heal from the inside out both mentally and physically. Thank you Mari and your optimism towards your recent diagnosis is heart warming. One day at a time!
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Very inspiring indeed!! Thank you Mari Winsor for your excellent work in the promotion of the Pilates method! Your passion, commitment, dedication and love of Pilates shines through!! Wonderful!
Wow, what a beautiful conversation we are privy too. Thank you Mari Winsor for your openness of heart, intelligence and drive to introduce pilates to the general public.
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Thank you, Mari, for sharing your ALS story. I was unaware of this. I recall meeting you several years ago at a conference, and noticing what an upbeat, and social person you are, always ready to connect with people, whether it be in the classroom, or over drinks afterwards. I wish you the best, and pray that the ALS will be SLOW to develop for you, and that you may continue your love of pilates. Hang in there, Mari!!

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Mari, you are Beautiful and SOOOOO INCREDIBLY INSPIRING. You were my first introduction to pilates 14 years ago and pilates has had a profound impact on my life and is now an indelible part of my identity and hopefully the identities of my children. My go to DVD of yours is your Max Burn DVD ("the latest most challenging workout" as you say at the end of it). I love your dvds. You have made such an impact on life as my first teacher of pilates. You got me hooked and inspired then and most definitely still do. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I love your spirit and will be making a donation to augie's quest. Thank you for sharing. My prayer also is that there will soon be a cure for ALS.
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Mari's infomercial introduced me to Pilates when I was 15! I fell in love instantly and the work has been my passion ever since! I loved this interview! Mari is coming to TX in January! I finally get to meet her!!!!! Love this!!
Mari inspired me to get certified in Pilates. It's such a staple in my fitness life. Thank you Mari.
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I just want to say thank you to Mari for introducing me to Pilates through your infomercials! You were my first exposure to the method. Almost 20 years later, I became a certified Pilates instructor! The seed that you planted has created a ripple effect not only in my life but the lives of the people that I help with Pilates. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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