Detailed Mat Sequencing<br>Susan Salk<br>Class 1884

Detailed Mat Sequencing
Susan Salk
Class 1884

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Amazing class! I'm watching it repeatedly, it has so much to offer. I am a teacher in training and am practicing these subtle yet powerful movements on my practice bodies. Thank you thank you.
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Thank you, Olga! You made my day.
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Lovely, thank you!
Thank you, Tahja!
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Loved this class Susan - great instruction!
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I felt great both during and after this class Susan. Love how you opened up and lengthened my body throughout. I started watching the video thinking that it may not be enough of a challenge but it actually got really getting deep in to those intrinsic muscles! Thanks and I shall definitely be incorporating some of these ideas into all my classes.
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Thank you, Debra Holland and Katie Soudry. It's so nice to know that you got something out of the class. Thank you for taking the time to comment.
Thank you so much just tried is class and loved it and will be coming back to do this class again
Thank you, Darren Tickle. You made my day!
great class. I love the transitions. Thank you
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