Theraband Feedback
Tash Barnard
Class 1891

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So fun and challenging. My legs are shaking!
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Excellent class! I enjoyed every moment. Thank you!
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Thanks Tash! Love your classes. I'm also South African (living overseas at the moment) and BASI qualified.
Good cues.
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Thanks! My hips really needed.... Beautiful class.
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Fabulous, Tash!! Love this and can't wait to try some moves on my clients!
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I know this is an old one but it is a perfect class. Does everything you need to do. Thank you Tash.
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This one gets me ever time!! 😊❤️
Excellent class ♥️
thank you for this class, can't wait to teach it !!
Wow, so an amazing class! Just perfect🙏🏼thank you so much!
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