Reformer Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1896

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Proud to be BASI certified and what a treat to do a class with Rael! Thanks Rael and PA for all the high quality classes that you give to us:)
Beverly I am so happy to have you in the BASI Family!
What a treat! Rael is such an inspiration. With attention to every detail, reminding us to strive for the beauty of precision in each movement. Struggled a bit with the side arc, pretty intense but I'll get there. Thank you Rael and Pilatesanytime for giving us the opportunity to work with such amazing teacher.
Tova, I truly appreciate your beautiful words and strong support. In my opinion, practicing Pilates has so much to do with the details and striving for precision. This is where the mind and body meet. I wish you the best in all you do.
After all these years this is still number 1 on my favourites list. Thank you for your clear cues, nice flow and always sweaty exercise :D
Thank you so much Siv, greatly appreciated. I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
Wow! This was amazing to watch. Rael and Meredith have become my favorite instructors on PA. More of them, please!!
In this class, in particular, I love the cueing!!... not only from the dialogue perspective, but also from the manual adjustments that you apply to both Sara and Meredith!!....Fantastic!!.... what an energy Rael in this session!!... and Mer & Sara? Wow... they are always fantastic ambassadors of BASI!.... I follow their classes and learn a lot from them!
Clemencia, I have been blessed in my career to work with amazing people like Meredith and Sara, and others that teach on Pilates Anytime. It has been a great privilege.
Sarah and I were on the same level lol 😂
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