Postural Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1911

Postural Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 1911

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I love this class! Karen, your cues are so helpful, I especially liked the comment of not necessarily looking for perfection, but creating relationships and then watch the client progress. I will use most of this with my clients who are overweight. Love to see options for this population. More, please!!!
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thank you
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Essa classe teve um toque especial: uma mistura a arte com informação e diversão: essenciais para envolver o nosso aluno.Amei
Karen Sanzo
Eu desejo que eu falava português. Meu espanhol é ok. Obrigado por seu comentário espécie; é como eu gosto de trabalhar . Mantém as coisas frescas , divertido e interessante.
Karen Sanzo
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The first response is so fun to receive when a class is posted!! Thank you for responding. It's fun to see the body as a relationship between the sum of its parts. All parts require nurturing. Have fun.
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Beautiful class! Big thanks!
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Sue Pollard
I did this workout yesterday....and yes, my glutes are feeling it today! I have notorious tight hamstrings as well as plantar fasciitis and I felt well stretched after this workout! I will be doing it again and again! Thank you, Karen!
Brand New
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Always have an AHA moment when I work with you Karen! Thank you! So loved your version of tendon stretch. Can't wait to teach it (after watching and doing a few more times)!. :)
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Great class Karen! Thanks for the detailed cueing...especially 'rib packaging'.
Karen, You are such a gifted teacher. Thank you for sharing so much each time you come to Pilates Anytime.
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