Postural Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 1911

Postural Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 1911

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So exciting to see you back on PA! I always appreciate your incorporation of fundamentals and I always enjoy watching you work with clients. Your "hawk eyes" are inspiring!
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Dear Karen, i loved this class, great cues and the touches are great. Very helpful! I will watch your other classes here in Pilates Anytime.Thanks!
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Thank you so much for using a "real client". It gives the audience the opportunity to watch corrections and cues, and so much is learned from that experience. Keep it coming, Karen!
Jodi H
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I get so much out of PA classes that feature beginner and intermediate students. Karen's cues were phenomenal and Lynn's response was inspiring to watch.
I fell in love with Pilates because it saved my back and my life. I loved this! Having options that I could do that still challenge! I feel like most classes are geared towards more elite movements. Thank you for getting back to the basics plus a safe challenge!
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I love watching classes w/people who are new to Pilates moves. I love the way Karen teaches, corrects and nurtures every move. She literally coaxes what she wants out of her client. Sign of a great and experienced teacher. As a teacher its so helpful for me to see. I'm always in student mode. Thank you Karen. Thanks PA
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I always look forward to Karen's classes. The cueing is "spot on" and I find myself pausing and trying each and every exercise with those cues still in my head. More classes please!
Karen Sanzo
reading these comments is so much fun and I appreciate everyone's input, for sure!! teaching beginner clients is one of my favorite things to do. I often tell my addition to watching the teacher, watch how the client responds...
I learn from my clients, too.
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Karen, Thank you for this excellent class. I am a beginning teacher and I learned so much. I will be watching again and again.
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This is a great video. Thank you Karen. I will be looking for more videos. I love her cuing.
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