5 Actions of the Spine<br>Ken Gilbert<br>Tutorial 1928

5 Actions of the Spine
Ken Gilbert
Tutorial 1928

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hmmm, intervertebral articulation…. I like it… I even said it out loud ~ tasty word.
wonderful actions to begin any type of class, Im heading to your right now :)
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Yugonda . . . you are the first to comment. This is the first that I have seen the tutorial; always interesting to see how it looks online. Intervertebral Articulation and Clavicular Leveling . . . great focus for a healthy spine. THANK You!
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Ken's clarity is translating these concepts is really quite wonderful. He brings depth to the concepts, yet details them in ways that even a novice can understand.....and for those of us with years of training, challenges to go deeper. Thank you Ken!
The clarity of these concepts is amazing, I will be watching this video again! Great information, love seeing this on PA! Thank you Ken!
Jessica . . . I appreciate your response - teaching to the body is my most passionate concern. I call myself an Aesthetic Anatomist - working with how the body integrates efficiency and ease through the core, rather than appendages. Thank YOU!
Wouldn't it be great to experience TRUE intervertebral Articulation and simply find and move each individual vertebra apart consciously to make space! No more thinking of the spine in the third person.
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I found this tutorial to be really informative. I would like to have seen the movements demonstrated from behind as well, especially when you were discussing specific reference points on the spine.
Very Informative. Sometimes we want to do too much.We want to do well and we are so intense with our body. Fluidity and space are the key of an healthy spine. Thank you Ken.
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CL . . . yes, to have movement balanced with stability at each joint would assure a healthy spine and nervous system.
Mary . . . great suggestion about seeing the back of the body as it is the place of alignment where awareness needs to be heightened. I see so many people caught if frontal awareness and not finding the stability and power from behind and underneath at the sacrum.
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